Apply now: 2020 MS and BS/MS Programs with Advanced Specializations

Posted: March 27, 2020

In these uncertain times of virtual world education, the value of a defined academic pathway to success is in even greater demand. The Electrical & Computer Engineering MS and BS/MS programs at The Ohio State University offer that pathway.

Graduates in specialized fields of cybersecurity, autonomous vehicle research, electronic devices, machine learning or bioengineering are finding unprecendented career options. Expanded holistic enrollment and the extensive use of state-of-the-art virtual learning technologies provide new opportunities for student potential.

Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply now for the MS and BS/MS graduate programs in autumn 2020. What they can expect to gain are more virtual learning technologies, a flexible enrollment process, greater hands-on industry experience, plus the full attention of faculty advisors looking for the next generation of leaders. 

The Ohio State ECE MS and BS/MS programs offer:

• Increased impact and marketability with a specialized graduate degree in cybersecurity, machine learning, robotics, and 5G technology… explore the possibilities.

• Expanded knowledge and independent thinking by developing problem-solving skills for real world engineering challenges

• Work with faculty on cutting-edge research topics and more application-related projects

• Graduate Programs with advanced specialization fields

• Apply learned skills in addition to understanding theory with the support of three dedicated faculty to insure the theoretical concepts learned in class are applied to hands-on, often industry-sponsored, projects

• Participate in a flexible program and create new projects

• Cultivate Project Management skills highly valued by industry

The ECE MS and BS/MS application portal is open for Autumn 2020. All applications will be considered holistically.

Please apply and/or express interest by April 20 to Beth, ECE MS Graduate Program Coordinator. GRE is waived for all Ohio State undergraduates who apply in spring or summer 2020.

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