Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)

Consistently ranked among the best in the nation, Ohio State ECE enjoys an excellent academic reputation, not only among peer programs, but from industry and government as well. The department provides superior training for students and groundbreaking research at the frontier of high technology. ECE faculty, researchers and students engineer solutions to problems in diverse fields, from biotechnology to nanotechnology and beyond. Electrical engineers find innovative ways to use electricity, electric materials, as well as electrical and magnetic phenomena, to empower society. Computer engineers design systems, both hardware and software, to create new technology and meet societal needs.

Student Voices

#New2OSU? We talk to outgoing graduate students about their experience in the ECE program, how they handled coming to Ohio State from overseas or small towns, and what they might tell future graduate students to help better prepare them for the years ahead. In this edition, we talk to BS/MS student Mary Scherer about coming from northern Ohio and expanding upon her family's longstanding ECE legacy.

Research Videos

An ECE graduate student, Demir returned from a once-in-a-lifetime international expedition to the Arctic in the name of climate science. Arctic travel may not seem such an obvious a path for ECE students, but it also reveals how broad the major is at Ohio State. For his work in remote sensing, Demir joined 600 scientists from 17 countries living on the ship Polarstern, frozen into the Arctic sea ice. They braved adverse weather, months of darkness, cracks splitting their camp in two, all while keeping a watchful eye out for the occasional polar bear. Full story: https://go.osu.edu/demir-story

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