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Reach Out: Student Wellness and Support Services


Autumn 2016 ECE Graduates Photo

By nature, success in engineering requires many points of view, talents, and diverse backgrounds in order to solve societal problems and advance science. 

To be a student, faculty or staff member in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering means being innately tied to a rich tapestry of diverse cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds from people all over the world. Not only do we help cultivate this diversity at ECE, we celebrate it

For some students, being far away from home or being immersed in a different culture is challenging and the ECE department would like to proactively offer support in any way we can. Many of our professors started out as new students far away from home, and they can offer advice and insight. Contact your professor after class or at your convenience. The ECE Department Graduate Program Coordinators and Undergraduate Academic Advisors are also excellent resources for guidance and tips to making your time at Ohio State comfortable and supportive.