Combined Degree Program (BSMS) for Ohio State undergraduates

Combined Degree Program (BSMS) Ohio State undergraduates

Current Ohio State undergraduate students are eligible to combine Bachelor and Master credits if they have at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA in all previous college work, including transfer credit, and have completed at least 90 undergraduate semester credit hours prior to the combined degree admission semester.

Effective autumn 2024, the limit for combined credits will be 9 credit hours in ECE toward the Bachelor's degree and Master's degree as long as the courses are 5000 level.

  • Students need to be admitted to the Combined Degree Program (BSMS) before the courses are taken.
  • Students pay the undergraduate tuition rate. 
  • Students enroll on the undergraduate record. After graduating with the Bachelor's degree, the Student Services Manager at the Graduate School initiates the process to add the combined credits to the graduate record.
    • The MS Graduate Program Coordinator can contact Registration Services, Graduate School, with questions about the application status or about applying the credits to the graduate record. Please contact your ECE MS Coordinator if you need assistance.