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No admissions

PhD: For fellowship consideration

         Other funding consideration & general admission


Nov 30

March 1

MS: For fellowship consideration 

       (Limited fellowship availability for MS students)

       General admission (applications complete)


Nov 30


Feb 1

All applicants must:

1. Complete the application form online.

  • MS only applicants: On the application, enter in "Program/Plan": Electrical & Computer Engineering-MS. After completing the MS degree, you are eligible to apply for the PhD using an internal ECE application.
  • PhD applicants: We have two paths to the PhD degree.
    • MS to PhD (for applicants with an MS degree): On the application, enter in "Program/Plan": Electrical & Computer Engineering-PhD
    • BS to PhD (for applicants with a BS degree): On the application, enter in "Program/Plan": Electrical & Computer Engineering-PhD

2. Upload the following required materials with the online application:

  • Statement of Purpose: Upload a one to two page statement which can answer some of the following:
    • What are your career goals after completion of your degree?
    • In your opinion, what are the attributes needed to successfully complete this degree?
    • Describe your most gratifying acadmic acocmplihsment so far, and the methods you have used to acheive it.
    • Descibe any obstacles or challenges that you overcame during your college experience.
    • What are your expectations for your graduate studies experience?
  • Resume: Educational information should include academic institutions attended, the dates attended and grade point average (GPA).
  • Transcripts: Scanned copies of official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions are preferred for initial application review. If admission is offered, the OSU Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions will require official complete transcripts and proof of degree(s) from issuing institutions.

    Please see the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions, FAQ, Transcripts for instructions to upload transcripts.

ECE does not require a separate copy of transcripts.

For students who graduated from OSU, it is not necessary to send transcripts from OSU. However, you must send transcripts from any other institution you attended even if you have sent these transcripts to OSU in the past.

3. Pay the application fee. If you have problems applying or paying the application fee, please contact the Office of Graduate & Professional Admissions at

4. Provide letters of recommendation from three sources. Academic sources are preferred.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to request that their references submit recommendation letters electronically. After the application has been successfully submitted, the recommenders will receive an email from the Office of Graduate & Professional Admissions. This email will contain instructions to submit references electronically. Please allow 2 to 5 business days for the recommender instructions to arrive.

Online submission

  • The references will be sent an email requesting a recommendation. Applicants are encouraged to contact their references to be sure they received the Office of Graduate & Professional Admissions instructions and have provided a recommendation.

Hard-copy submission

  • Hard copy recommendations are accepted if references cannot be submitted electronically. Hard-copy letters of recommendation must be on official letterhead, signed and mailed to the ECE department directly by the recommender in a sealed envelope. Recommendation letters on plain paper are not accepted. Each letter must be attached to an official Graduate School Reference Form, which is completed by the recommender. Letters without Graduate School Reference Forms are not accepted.

    Hard-copy recommendations may be mailed to:
    ECE Graduate Program
    205 Dreese Laboratories
    2015 Neil Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43210

5. Send GRE scores and TOEFL scores to the Graduate Admissions Office:

  • Submit official GRE and TOEFL scores, if required; international students who do not have a degree from a U.S.. institution are required to take the TOEFL examination.

  • The following students must submit official GRE scores from ETS:

    • All students seeking a University Fellowship

    • International students who do not have a degree from a U.S. institution

    • PhD domestic applicants with a cumulative GPA below 3.2

    • The GRE is required for the MS admission application.

      • Exception to the GRE requirement: OSU undergrads who meet the following criteria:
        • 100% of credits completed at OSU with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher
        •  60 or more OSU credits completed with an OSU cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher and Cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher
        • 30 to 59 credits completed at OSU with an OSU cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher and Cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher


If GRE and/or TOEFL scores are required, they must be received directly from Educational Testing Services (ETS) prior to ECE graduate admissions committee review. Self reported GRE and TOEFL scores are not accepted. The Ohio State University Code is 1592.


Mailing address:
The Ohio State University
Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions
P.O.. Box 182004
Columbus OH   43218-2004

Express Mail Address:
The Ohio State University
Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions
S.A.S. Building
281 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, OH  43210-1132

6. Save yourself time! Please do not submit the following items:

  • Research papers, theses, etc.
  • Provisional certificates, conference certificates, etc.
  • CDs
  • Bank statements. These will be requested at the time you are admitted, if necessary.
  • Special binding or folders to keep your documents together.

More Information:

  • Answers to application and other frequently asked questions about the ECE program: Frequently Asked Questions
  • OSU Student Financial Aid Information:
  • Check application status: You must reference your application number and date of birth to use the online status check web page.
  • If you have problems submitting any application items, please see Contact us at the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions
  • Office of Graduate & Professional Admissions documents received electronically at 
    • Use this email to submit electronic documents or when requesting official transcripts and scores by sent when the items are necessary to complete your application. Please refer to the Application Requirements tab in your Applicant Center to see what documents are still needed.

      Allow five business days for uploaded documents to be reflected in your Applicant Center. Please upload each document only once, unless it has changed or you are instructed by our office to resubmit. Multiple submissions may delay the processing of your application.


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