Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Capstone Design

Capstone Design

The new two-semester sequence Capstone course is a year-long course divided into two semesters. Throughout the program, students learn about the engineering process, project management, risk analysis, customer needs, project requirements, rapid prototyping, testing, and troubleshooting. 


Students find real-world engineering projects challenging and fulfilling because they contribute to a real problem with a company or research group. In this program, students can choose a sponsored project ( by a company of an institute within the Ohio State University) or submit a proposal for a problem they want to solve. The Capstone program will sponsor student-defined projects.  

If you are interested in collaborating with the ECE capstone, please contact Dr. Z at ziaeefard.1@osu.edu.

Program Outcome

One of the primary learning objectives is to practice a formal design process. This approach incorporates the following elements into the program of study:

  1. Development of interpersonal skills such as 
    • Communication
    • Engineering Ethics
    • Teamwork
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Problem-solving and decision making
  2. Development of professional skills such as
    • Professional Etiquette
    • Project Management 
    • Engineering Process
    • Concept and Detail Design
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Test, Validation, and Verification
    • Development of Technical Documentation
    • Professional Presentation 



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