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ECE Graduate Program Contacts

Start with Coordinators. 

Current students, submit your forms to your coordinator to manage the approvals or signatures.

Coordinators also answer emails at the general graduate program email address:

PhD Coordinator

Tim Langreder

Tim Langreder 

Dreese Lab, Room 236

Office Hours Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 7am to 1:00pm 2pm-3:30pm

Master of Science Coordinator

Beth Bucher

Beth Bucher

Dreese Lab, Room 238

Phone: 614-292-3226

Currently working remotely

Academic Chair

Atilla Eryilmaz

Dr. Atilla Eryilmaz

ECE Graduate Studies Committee Chair

MS Faculty Group

Dedicated and experienced MS advisors!

Refer to their areas of expertise. You are welcome to contact them with specific course or plan questions.

MS faculty advisors are assigned before the first semester of enrollment for incoming MS students.



Computers, Networks, and Communications, Signal Processing

Irem Eryilmaz

Dr. Irem Eryilmaz

Dreese Lab, Room 660 (By appointment)

Areas of Expertise: Computers, Networks, and Communications, as well as Signal Processing



Control, Power and Energy

Lisa Fiorentini

Dr. Lisa Fiorentini 


Dreese Lab, Room 404 (By appointment)

Areas of Expertise: Control, Power and Energy

Electromagnetics, Circuits, Solid State, and Electronics

Wladimiro Villarroel

Dr. Wladimiro Villarroel 

Dreese Lab, Room 212 (By appointment)

Areas of Expertise: Electromagnetics, Circuits, Solid State, and Electronics