Buckeyes past and present earn wins at InfoCom 2019

Posted: June 5, 2019

The Ohio State University past and present stood tall in Paris at the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, known as Infocom.

Each year, leading researchers present and exchange innovations in the field of networking, and closely related areas in theoretical and systems research. The conference includes a main technical program, a number of workshops, a keynote speech, panels, a student poster session, and demo/poster sessions. 

From a pool of 1500 full proposals submitted this year, three best paper awards were presented at the annual conference held between April 29 and May 2 in Paris, France. Buckeyes were well represented.

One of the three Infocom 2019 Best Paper Awards was given to Ohio State Graduate Research Associate Guocong Quan, and Adjunct Assistant Professor Jian Tan, and ECE Professor Atilla Eryilmaz for their joint work, “Counterintuitive Characteristics of Optimal Distributed LRU Caching Over Unreliable Channels.” 

Eryilmaz said their research is instrumental in developing efficient architectures and protocols for future generation distributed networks. 

“The work studies the problem of how to optimally cache content in distributed and unreliable networks,” he said. “This is an important and pressing problem for the increasingly large-scale networks, in which the storage capabilities of devices increase while their reliability and connectivity may degrade due to computational and communication limitations.”

He said their goal is to show unreliable distributed caching systems can achieve high efficiency by dividing space among multiple caches, even unequally.

“These insights, along with the particular cache allocation solution presented in this study, are expected to help design and operate future distributed storage networks efficiently,” Eryilmaz said. 

In another nod to the Buckeye program, a Best Paper Infocom award went to Ohio State ECE alumni Bo Ji, now an assistant professor at Temple University, and Kevin Liu assistant professor at Iowa State University.

Both said their time at Ohio State studying under ECE Professor Ness Shroff prepared them well for their careers. 

“I learned a lot from many people I met at Ohio State, including faculty members and colleagues. Many of them are my friends and collaborators,” Ji said. “Without them, my journey in academia could have been totally different.”

Liu said working in Shroff’s group at Ohio State impacted his career goals tremendously.

“Shroff is one of the most influential minds in the areas of theoretical networking research. I have been fortunate to be able to work with him closely over the years and had the opportunity to observe how he conduct research. These first-hand experiences still have a big impact on my research flavors to this day,” he said. “Moreover, working in Ness’ group allowed me to develop great friendships with many brilliant students in the same generation. This best paper award wouldn’t have happened without those fun years we spent together at Ohio State.” 

Article by Ryan Horns ECE/IMR Communications Specialist (Horns.1@osu.edu)