HeForSWE Student Featured: Sunny Saini, ECE


Ohio State ECE Student, Sunny Saini, Featured for His Role as University HeForSWE AG Chair

Sunny Saini

Sunny is a third-year student in electrical and computer engineering at The Ohio State University. As the HeForSWE AG chair, he seeks to promote allyship in all its forms within the OSU Section. Beyond SWE, Sunny is involved on campus as an undergraduate senator for the College of Engineering, vice president of events for the Buckeye Undergraduate Consulting Club, and a member of the University Conduct Board, as well as the Indian Students, Sikh Students, and Pakistani American Students Associations. He has interned at Rockwell Automation and Texas Instruments in technical sales, supporting Google Datacenter from the Santa Clara, Calif., office. Sunny is returning to Texas Instruments this summer to further explore his passion area. Outside school, he enjoys golfing, playing tennis, or trying new recipes.

What Does Allyship Mean to You?
To me, allyship is intuitive; it means supporting those around you, regardless of their identity. However, institutions often fail to adhere to these principles. Therefore, I believe it is the duty of individuals with privilege to use it beneficially, to uplift voices and shed light on issues often overlooked.

What Has Driven and Inspired You to Advocate, Support, and Become a Vocal Advocate for Women and Other Minorities in the STEM Field?
The main driver of my advocacy has always been adversity. Stories of adversity from strong women and other minorities provided the anecdotal impetus for my drive toward advocacy. The stark statistics on systemic inequity are compelling. It was by listening and comparing others’ experiences, likely more adverse than mine, that I became determined to empower those around me.

How Do You Cultivate Conversations in the Collegiate Environment About Diversity and Inclusion?
Facilitating discussions on allyship and diversity, equity, and inclusion in a collegiate environment is challenging. I find that smaller, personal conversations, whether one-on-one or in groups, encourage openness. These settings foster a forum for attentive listening. Recognizing that such dialogues are grounded in trust and vulnerability, I often share that we are continually learning from one another. As someone striving to be an ally, I acknowledge my imperfections, understanding that being open to recognizing mistakes and willing to change our mindsets and actions is crucial for fostering an inclusive atmosphere conducive to innovation.

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