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Wireless communications research earns Best Paper nod at WiOpt 2018

Altug KarakurtAn electrical and computer engineering student at The Ohio State University won top honors for his research into wireless communication networks.

Altug Karakurt, earned the Best Paper award at the 2018 International Symposium on Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad Hoc and Wireless Networks (WiOpt). 

His research, “Quick Discovery of Mobile Devices in the Many-User Regime Carrier Sensing or Simultaneous Detection,” was written with guidance from ECE faculty associate professors Emre Koksal and Atilla Eryilmaz.

Karakurt is looking to advance the speed of wireless connection toward the advancement of Internet of Things technology. 

“Improvements in detection rates are especially desirable for large scale applications such as sensor networks, Internet of Things, stock control and supply chain management,” he said. “Our work aims to characterize the detection time of multiple wireless stations, which in practice corresponds to devices like RFID tags or Internet of Things nodes. We analyzed the least amount of delay we can get for this problem, show the current protocols in use are far from this limit and propose a method that gets closer to achieving the quickest detection.”

WiOpt is co-sponsored by the IEEE Control Systems Society, IEEE Information Theory Society and IFIP.  It welcomes original papers related to modeling, performance evaluation, and optimization of wireless networks. 

The scope of the conference covers all types of wireless networks: cellular, ad hoc, content-driven, delay-tolerant, mesh, metropolitan, sensor, cognitive, vehicular, robotic, Internet of Things, virtualized, and more.