Application Criteria

GRE scores for autumn 2023 applicants are not requiredECE autumn 2023 master's and PhD graduate program applicants are not required to submit GRE scores. However, submitted GRE scores will be considered in the selection process and could make an application more competitive.

Ohio State ECE master's program offering direct admission for Ohio State ECE undergraduates: Eligible applicants include Ohio State ECE undergraduates who have completed at least 50 credits at Ohio State and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2. The ECE graduate application requires two recommendations, with at least one being from an ECE faculty member. ECE undergraduates interested in a graduate degree are encouraged to apply even if the direct admission criteria are not met. [The Graduate School minimum cumulative GPA is 3.0].

OSU undergrads who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and have completed 90 credits are eligible to apply to the Combined Degree Program to count 5000-level credits toward a BS and a MS, not to exceed 12 credits. Admission required prior to the semester of enrollment in the combined credits. See Combined Degree Program (BSMS) for more information.

The Ohio State University ECE MS and PhD programs are highly competitive. Meeting the eligibility requirements is a necessary but not sufficient condition for acceptance into the MS or PhD ECE program. Acceptance of an applicant depends on several factors including the program’s intake capacity, the candidate’s credentials relative to the applicant pool, and the degree of alignment of the past academic experience and future research objectives of the applicant with the research carried out by the ECE Department faculty.