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Prof. Umit Ozguner featured in U.S. News Science Article "Driverless Cars, Safer Roads"

Professor Umit OzgunerWhat would a world with driverless cars look like?

“Here’s an image we like to throw out: you go to a restaurant in Manhattan, the car drops you off, and you tell it to go on its own and find a parking space, or go home and come back for you later,” said Ümit Özgüner, professor of electrical and computer engineering, who has spent the last 15 years working on this technology.

Many people believe that driverless cars could transform the roads. If successful, they could enhance safety, conserve energy and better protect the environment. To be sure, such a scenario is a long way off, if it ever happens at all. Still, the notion of computer-driven vehicles, without people, is hardly science fiction. In recent years, automotive technology has advanced dramatically, bringing cars much closer to the day when they can operate autonomously.

Umit   Ozguner, recently spoke to the National Science Foundation about the future of driverless cars. The complete article, Driverless Cars, Safer Roads? is available from U.S. News Science.