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Graduate student housing

Graduate students have the option to live on-campus or off-campus, depending on personal preference.


You can choose from several housing options at Ohio State.

  • For unmarried students: the University maintafalseins two graduate residence halls which provide attractively furnished single and double rooms and are designed to provide a mature atmosphere for advanced study.
  • For families: the University has one and two bedroom apartments at Buckeye Village, an on-campus apartment complex that is close to shopping and other facilities. Each apartment is provided with major kitchen appliances, air-conditioning, heat, water, trash collection, storage space, and parking space, as well as free bus service to other campus locations. Two bedroom apartments are available only to families with children. There is a long waiting list, and students are urged to apply as soon as possible. For information and applications for residence hall rooms or Buckeye Village apartments visit the University Housing website or call (614) 292-8266.


Ample off-campus housing of all types is available near and around the campus area. Columbus housing costs are very reasonable compared to many major metropolitan areas. For additional information about off-campus housing, visit the Off-Campus Student Services website or contact them by phone: (614) 292-0100, e-mail: or IM: OSUOffCampus.