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What can we become?

A successful strategic plan requires two fundamental components. It must be designed around a strong and compelling vision that provides context and identifies overall direction and goals. Second, the organization needs strategies to achieve that vision, and the capacity and the will to execute those strategies.

The department’s previous strategic plan was developed in 2009 and guided activities for 2009-2013. Progress toward the goals defined in 2009 is reviewed to highlight successes and to provide context for future actions.
Our overarching goal is that The Ohio State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will be recognized internationally for the quality and impact of its research, teaching, and service.

It will be the major contributor in achieving the strategic goals defined for College of Engineering and will be a key asset to The Ohio State University in becoming the premier public university in the United States. The knowledge we create and disseminate will stimulate economic growth in Ohio, the nation and the world.

The department will perform world-class research, will recruit and retain distinguished faculty, and will attract, educate, and graduate outstanding students. It will be a catalyst for the development of Ohio’s technology-based economy, especially in sectors related to electrical and computer engineering.

Collaborations with the private sector will enhance research, transfer ECE technology that addresses important technological challenges and promotes Ohio’s Information Age economy, and provide “real-world” experiential learning for students.

The department will discover, develop, and document fundamental new engineering and scientific principles. It will be recognized as a center of excellence for pioneering research and scholarship in electrical and computer engineering.

Our students will learn in a diverse environment characterized by professional conduct and scholarship. The quality of our physical facilities will be consistent with our pursuit of excellence.

Our graduates will be aggressively recruited for their valuable education. Our alumni will become recognized for their abilities, leadership, creativity, teamwork, adaptability, focus on quality, and capability for lifelong learning.