Graduate Program Contacts

Autumn 2021 Graduate Virtual Open Office Hours

These are open sessions for multiple people to join.

If you prefer individual appointments, please contact your coordinator.

Beth, MS Coordinator, Virtual Open Office Hours from 7:30am-8:30am Eastern Time:

Tricia, PhD Coordinator, Virtual Open Office Hours from 7:30am-8:30am Eastern Time:
Tuesday, Aug 17   

Wednesday, Aug 18  

Tuesday, Aug 24 

Wednesday, Aug 25 

Tuesday, Aug 31     Wednesday, Sept 1    

Tuesday, Sept 7  

Wednesday, Sept 8  

Join Beth's   Zoom Meeting Room  Join Tricia's   Zoom Meeting Room



Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee: Prof. Atilla Eryilmaz,


If you have questions, you are welcome send your inquiry to the ECE graduate program address,, or the Graduate Program Contacts.

Graduate Program Contacts


Patricia Toothman

Patricia K. Toothman, PhD Coordinator,, 614-292-7623

Tricia assists the graduate studies chairperson with the admissions process for master's and PhD applicants, and assists ECE graduate students with course scheduling, etc.





Beth Bucher

Beth Bucher, MS Coordinator, 614-292-3226


Beth can answer questions about admission applications, enrollment issues, deadlines, finding Ohio State University resources/contacts, and graduation questions.

To schedule an appointment, find an open day/time on my online calendar, then choose New through your BuckeyMail calendar, and send an invite. Watch for a confirmation or reschedule request. It may not work from your phone. You are welcome to email me with a suggested time and date.




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