Application to the ECE Major



Any student seeking the Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering must apply for acceptance into the degree program. A student can apply to either the Electrical Engineering Program of Study or the Computer Engineering Program of Study. A student becomes eligible to apply at the beginning of the semester in which that student will complete the following ECE pre-major requirements. If you are unsure if you have the requirements needed to enter into the major, please meet with an Academic Advisor.

Admission to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering is by application only, and is based on a holistic review, including essay answers, and a review of the transcript (courses and grades).  *For Spring 2020 our department has decided that taking a course pass/non-pass will not impact our decision for entry into major.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering accepts applications to the major Autumn and Spring semesters only. Students must complete the online ECE Major Application (below), no later than the third Friday of the semester in which the student is completing their pre-major requirements (i.e. the semester before the students wants to enter the major).

Students will be permitted to register for ECE major courses for the following semester. Students who are not admitted to ECE may be dropped from ECE classes.  

Application Deadlines:

Submit application by 11:59pm on: For admission to the major starting:
3rd Friday of Spring semester The following autumn semester
3rd Friday of Autumn semester The following spring semester

Step 1: Complete a Minimum of 12 Credit Hours at OSU

Admission to major is considered only after a student has taken at least 12 credit hours of letter graded coursework in their undergraduate career at OSU.

Step 2: Successfully Complete the ECE Pre-Major Courses

Students must successfully complete or be currently enrolled in the following pre-major courses, whether they are in the Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering program of study:

Mathematics 1151 + 1172 or equivalent

Physics 1250 or equivalent

Engineering 1181 + 1182 or equivalent

*Please refer to the course equivalencies at the bottom of the page. Contact an ECE Academic Advisor if you have questions.

Step 3: Draft your Essays

**IMPORTANT: Please plan to complete your application in one sitting, and keep an electronic copy of all your responses.  The website may not save any information on a partially-completed application.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering admits a diverse class of students who excel academically and demonstrate our ECE values, which are:

  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Highest standards of professional and scholarly ethics
  • Innovative solutions to ECE problems
  • Collegial, creative and supportive learning environment
  • Enrichment by diversity
  • Service to the profession
  • Service to humanity
  • Perseverance

Please keep these values in mind while you are answering the following three essay questions:

1) Describe what drives you to become an electrical and computer engineer. How do your long-term goals align with this course of study? How have you prepared yourself for the rigors of this course of study? You may include academics, co-curricular activities, work or other experiences as evidence. (Maximum 1,500 characters)

2) Describe a time when you were part of a team. What did you learn about the effects of inclusiveness and collaboration on the performance of the team? (Maximum 1,500 characters)

3) Describe a time when you were challenged and how you persevered or found an innovative solution. (Maximum 1,500 characters)

Click here to see Essay Rubric

The Writing Center offers free help with writing at any stage of the writing process for any member of the university community. Click here to find out more about the writing center.

Step 4: Complete and Submit the Application to Major

Once you have refined your essay answers, click here to submit your application. If you later wish to withdraw your application, you must notify your advisor by the last day of classes.

Students will be notified of official acceptance into the major via their OSU email after grades for all courses are checked at the end of the semester. Students who are not admitted may apply one more time only (maximum of two application cycles).


We are now past the deadline for Spring 2020 applications. Please contact an Academic Advisor.


*Course equivalencies for ECE Pre-Major Courses

  • Math Engineering Calculus Series: MATH 1151 and 1172 or various combinations of 151, 152, 154, 1544, 153, 254, 114, 1114, 1140, 1141, 1152, 2153, 1161, 2162, 161, 162, 263, 1181H, 2182H, 4181H, 4182H, 190H, 191H, or 264H.
  • PHYSICS 1250 or various combinations of 131, 132, 133, 1240, 1241, 1260.
  • ENGR 1181 and 1182 (181 and 183); or ENGR 1281H and 1282H (191H, 192H, and 193H); or ENGR 1186, 1187, and 1188 (185, 186, and 187).


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