Solid State Electronics and Photonics

What is SSEP? 

Solid State Electronics and Photonics (SSEP) is a subcategory of Electrical Engineering that focuses on research and development of component level electronic and optoelectronic devices. This includes theoretical modeling and device simulations, epitaxial growth and synthesis, material characterization including microscopy, structural, optical and electrical characterization, device fabrication, micro and nanolithography, electro-optic test and measurement, and multiphysics analysis. Using this process, we make diodes, transistors, solar cells, lasers, light emitting diodes, photodetectors etc. Our coursework and research focus provides a comprehensive training on the theory, modeling, characterization, fabrication, analysis, and application of semiconductor devices. The SSEP faculty, staff, and students are a collaborative team with varied experiences and expertise committed to both education and research.

Our specific research focuses fall into three major areas:

  1. Wide and Ultrawide Bandgap Electronics
  2. Photonic and Optoelectronic Devices from UV to Infrared
  3. Material science and device physics using micro/nano-technology

Our graduates are employees of many fortune 500 companies including Intel, Texas Instruments, and Apple. They help companies produce better CPUs, GPUs, RAM, displays, and analog circuits.

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Anant Agarwal

Dr. Anant Agarwal

Professor, ECE

Aaron Arehart

Dr. Aaron Arehart

Research Associate Professor, ECE

Tyler Grassman

Dr. Tyler Grassman

Associate Professor, MSE

Roberto Myers

Dr. Roberto Myers

Professor, MSE, ECE, Physics

Patrick Roblin

Dr. Patrick Roblin

Professor, ECE

Betty Lise Anderson

Dr. Betty Lise Anderson

Professor, ECE

Associate Chair of Instruction, ECE

Paul Berger

Dr. Paul Berger

Professor, ECE

Sanjay Krishna

Dr. Sanjay Krishna

George R. Smith Chair in Eng, ECE

Siddarth Rajan

Dr. Siddharth Rajan

Professor, ECE, MSE

Marvin White

Dr. Marvin White

Professor, ECE

Shamsul Arafin

Dr. Shamsul Arafin

Assistant Professor, ECE

Leonard Brillson

Dr. Leonard Brillson

Professor, ECE, Physics

Professor & CMR Scholar, Physics Admin

Wu Lu

Dr. Wu Lu

Professor, ECE

Steven Rinel

Dr. Steven Ringel

Academic Exec Director

The Neal A. Smith Chair, ECE

Professor, MSE, Physics

Hongping Zhao

Dr. Hongping Zhao

Associate Professor, ECE

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