Research is at the heart of ECE



Research is a critical and integral part of the educational experience within Ohio State’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. For 2013, the department received more than $21.1 million in funding for diverse research on projected linked to international corporations, government, health care and the military.

ECE ASSOCIATED LABS | Undergraduate Research

The research opportunities for ECE students at all levels are unique and challenging. Under the direction of faculty members, students work on research problems that may involve laboratory work, computer programming, data analysis, and literature searching. Research projects prepare students for future graduate studies and/or the corporate world in ways regular curriculum alone cannot achieve.

ECE’s facilities include state-of-the-art classrooms and dozens of laboratories in three buildings (Dreese, Caldwell and the Electroscience Lab, one of the top academic labs in the U.S. for research in electromagnetics and related sciences.) Our additional 32 labs include the Information Processing System Laboratory, the Control Research Laboratory, the Solid State Electronics and Photonics Laboratory, the High Voltage Laboratory and the High Performance Computing and Networking Laboratory.