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Poster printer information

Link to upload files for poster printer

Orders for oversized posters are now managed through eRequest. Go to this page and click on "Link to eRequest" on the left-hand side of the page.

STEP ONE: Before filling out the eRequest, please download this PDF form,  save it to your computer, open it in Adobe Acrobat and fill out the appropriate information. This form will serve as the quote you will have to upload to eRequest. You should also e-mail this form, along with a PDf of your poster, here.

STEP TWO: Go to eRequest. You'll need the following information when filling out the eRequest form:

  • Under "Purchasing/Payment Option" click on "Internal Order".
  • Under "Vendor/Payee and Item Details":
    • In the field labeled "Internal Vendor" type in "ECE Poster Printing".
    • In the "Description" field, type in "Poster Print" and the size of the final print (e.g., Poster Print 36x48".)
    • Type in the number of posters under "Quantity" and the estimated cost in the "Estimated Amount" field. The estimate cost can be found on the price list below under "Capabilities and Costs." Please note that the actual amount billed will be based on the actual size of the poster printed.
  • Under "General Request Information", the "Ship To" field should say "Will be picked up in Dreese 205."
  • Under "Additional Info", include the following information: Original file size, size of finished poster and any additional information we may need to complete your request.
  • You will need to attach a pdf of your requested poster to the eRequest, along with an attached advisor/PI approval (an email from the advisor/PI will suffice).
  • You should also attach a copy of the PDF form/quote from Step 1.
  • Under "Funding Source," the Org Number should be 14450.

STEP THREE: We will contact you when your poster is completed.

Capabilities and Costs

Given our projected costs for paper and ink and to recoup the cost of the actual printer, we also have calculated a price per poster. These prices also appear on the table below.

Size in inches*

Price for predominantly “white” poster

Price for predominantly “color” poster

36x48 $25.00 $46.00

* We do not mount or cut posters to other sizes.

Ink is the most significant variable cost for this printer. For that reason, your posters should be designed to allow as much of the background as possible to be white (e.g., to not have ink on it.) We will charge a premium for posters deemed to have a predominance of background color.

For example, the poster on the left takes considerably less ink than the poster on the right. This kind of design is preferred (and will be charged at the less expensive rate).

Process for printing and payment

In order request a poster from the large printer, a faculty member or graduate student with a faculty advisor’s approval must go through eRequest.

Once this form is completed, the project will perform the printing project, typically within 24 to 48 business hours. After the poster is printed, an email confirmation will be sent to the person who requested the print. Posters may then be picked up in Dreese 205. The cost for printing will be applied to the identified account on the form.

Design and logo use

The department has developed templates that can be used to create attractive posters in PowerPoint. They can be found below. It is not mandatory that you use these templates, by they do ensure consistency and that the university logo is used correctly.

Powerpoint Template 1  |  Powerpoint Template 2  |  Powerpoint Template 3  |  Powerpoint Template 4

Logo: Please use the correct Ohio State University logo. You can download approved variations of the current logo from the university, along with guidelines for how the logo should be used. Please note that the old logo – the scarlet square containing the university name – is no longer approved for use. We will ask that posters submitted with this logo be modified to include the new logo. Please also note that there is no approved “Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering” logo. The university’s current guidelines indicate that departments may not have distinct logos of their own. Only the university, colleges and certain centers have their own logos. Our Public Relations Coordinator, Ryan Horns, can advise you on ways to emphasize the department’s name in a poster design.

Fonts: If you do not have access to the university’s official fonts (Capital and Proxima Nova) please limit your font use to Times New Roman and Arial, especially if you are providing a file in any format other than pdf. Using these fonts will minimize the possibility that text within your document will be modified in the transition from one computer to another (not to mention, these are among the most readable fonts.)

Color: Yes, Ohio State’s colors are scarlet and gray. Please keep in mind, though, that red is a very powerful color and a little goes a long way. (Check out the poster examples on the previous page if you want proof!)


Questions about billing? Contact Ray Feast at

If you have any questions or want guidance with design/logo use, please contact ECE Public Relations Coordinator Ryan Horns (