Passino, Kevin


Passino values working with a diverse group to create technology that has a direct positive impact on people, is fair, effective, low-cost, and reliable.  He collaborates with his research group, and across a range of countries and disciplines (e.g., education, social work, and psychology).


  • Technology for Social Justice: Technologies to alleviate poverty, racism, and mental illness:
    • Antiracist technology
    • Humanitarian engineering (anti-poverty technology)
    • Mental health treatment with computer/electronic methods
  • Special Research Focus: Cooperative sociotechnological systems, and computer-assisted promotion of cooperation in communities, for social justice objectives. Challenges include overcoming perceived self-interest motivations by showing the benefits of working together.
  • Technical Approach: Modeling and computational analysis, feedback control of dynamical systems, stability analysis, optimization, and game theory.
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