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Kiryung Lee

  • Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engr.
  • 2015 Neil Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210


Research Interest:

Inverse problems in signal processing, imaging, and statistics; optimization algorithms and theory; computational harmonic analysis; applied probability and statistics.


760 Dreese Labs

Journal Articles

  • Ye, J.C.; Kim, J.M.; Jin, K.H.; Lee, K., "Compressive Sampling using Annihilating Filter-based Low-Rank Interpolation."
  • Lee, K.; Wu, Y.; Bresler, Y., "Near Optimal Compressed Sensing of a Class of Sparse Low-Rank Matrices via Sparse Power Factorization."
  • Lee, K.; Bresler, Y.; Junge, M., "Oblique Pursuits for Compressed Sensing."
  • Li, Y.; Lee, K.; Bresler, Y., "Identifiability in Blind Deconvolution with Subspace or Sparsity Constraints."
  • Li, Y.; Lee, K.; Bresler, Y., "Identifiability and Stability in Blind Deconvolution under Minimal Assumptions."
  • Lee, K.; Li, Y.; Junge, M.; Bresler, Y., "Blind Recovery of Sparse Signals from Subsampled Convolution."
  • Lee, K.; Tian, N.; Romberg, J., "Fast and guaranteed blind multichannel deconvolution under a bilinear system model."
  • Li, Y.; Lee, K.; Bresler, Y., "Blind Gain and Phase Calibration via Sparse Spectral Methods."