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Mahesh Illindala

  • Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engr.
  • 2015 Neil Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210



PhD, 2005, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Areas of interest

Microgrids, distributed energy resources, electrical energy conversion and storage, as well as advanced electric drive transportation systems.


211 Caldwell Laboratory, Phone: 309.241.4700, Fax: 614.292.7596

Research group

Flexible Distribution of EneRgy and Storage resources (FDERS)


  • 2016

    IAS Society Prize Paper Award. .

  • 2016

    ONR Young Investigator Award. .

Journal Articles


  • K. Lai, M. Illindala, M. Haj-ahmed, A. Khalsa, 2017, "Comprehensive Protection Strategy for an Islanded Microgrid Using Intelligent Relays." IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS 53, no. 1, 1 - 8.


  • D. Yu, M. Illindala, O. Alkhouli. "Power Inverter Control for Grid-Tie Transition." Patent number: 8068352 (US), 2010/080431 (WIPO)
  • D. Yu, M. P. Liechty, M. Illindala, M. T. Muller. "Hybrid Power System with Variable Speed Genset." Patent number: 8987939 (US), 2009/073125 (WIPO)
  • D. Yu, D. Siegle, M. Illindala, M. Hartman, G. Speckhart. "Uninterruptible Power Supply."