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Lisa Fiorentini

  • Associate Professor-Clinical, Electrical & Computer Engr.
  • 2015 Neil Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210



Ph.D. Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University, 2010

Master's Degree from The Ohio State University, 2007

Areas of interest

Control and system theory, nonlinear and adaptive control, robust control, tracking and regulation problems with applications in aerospace and automotive engineering.


404 Dreese Laboratories


  • June, 2011

    Best Presentation in the Session.

  • June, 2009-
    July, 2010

    Presidential Fellowship.

  • May, 2009

    Best Paper Award. Northwest Shoals Community College.

  • September, 1993-
    October, 2003

    NRC Fellowship.

  • September, 2002-
    October, 2003

    Outstanding Student Fellowship.

Journal Articles


  • Junqiang, Zhou; Lisa, Fiorentini; Fabio, Chiara; Marcello, Canova; Y.Y., Wang, 2012, "Model-Based Analysis and Optimization of Turbocharged Diesel Engines with a Variable Geometry Compressor and Turbine System." SAE Technical Paper 2012-01-0716, 10.4271/2012-01 - 10.4271/2012-01.


  • Junqiang Zhou, Lisa Fiorentini, Marcello Canova, "Model-based Optimization and Predictive Control of a Turbocharged Diesel Engine with Variable Geometry Compressor." International Journal of Powertrains

Papers in Proceedings


  • Couch, Jeremy; Fiorentini, Lisa; Canova, Marcello "An ECMS-Based Approach for the Energy Management of a Vehicle Electrical System." in 7th IFAC Symposium on Advances in Automotive Control. (9 2013).
  • Zhou,Junqiang; Fiorentini,Lisa; Canova,Marcello; Andrea, Serrani "Dynamic Steady-State Publications Allocation for Over-Actuated Turbocharged Diesel Engines." in Conference on Decision and Control. (12 2013).
  • Zhou,Junqiang; Fiorentini,Lisa; Chiara,Fabio; Canova,Marcello "Surge Index and Compressor Efficiency Estimation for Diesel Engines with Variable Geometry Compressor System." in American Control Conference. (1 2013).


  • Taburri, Massimo; Fiorentini, Lisa; Chiara, Fabio; Canova, Marcello; Wang, Y.Y. "Modeling and Analysis of a Turbocharged Diesel Engine with Variable Geometry Compressor System." (9 2011).
  • Al-Durra,Ahmed; Fiorentini,Lisa; Canova,Marcello; Yurkovich,Stephen "A Model-Based Estimator of Engine Cylinder Pressure Imbalance for Combustion Feedback Control Applications." in American Control Conference (ACC). (1 2011).


  • Fiorentini,Lisa; Serrani,Andrea; Bolender,Michael,A; Doman,David,B "Including flexible effects in the closed-loop stability analysis for an air-breathing hypersonic vehicle." in 34th Aerospace Sciences Symposium. (5 2009).


  • Liu, Yuxin; Zhou, Junqiang; Fiorentini, Lisa; Canova, Marcello "Model Predictive Control of a Two-Stage Turbocharged Diesel Engine Air-Path System for Rapid Catalyst Warm-up." in European Control Conference.