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Paul R. Berger

  • Professor, Electrical & Computer Engr.
  • Room #201
    2024 Neil Ave
    Columbus, OH 43210
  • 614-247-6235



Ph.D. 1990, University of Michigan

Areas of interest

Nanoelectronics, Si-based tunneling junctions, optoelectronic devices and integrated circuits, polymer-based photonics and electronics and semiconductor materials.

Advising student groups

  • The Ohio State University, Recruitment and Retention Initiative for Successful Engineers (RISE^OSU) (Service) Advisor
  • The Ohio State University, Solar Education and Outreach (Service) Advisor
  • The Ohio State University, IEEE Graduate Student Body (Academic Interest) Advisor
  • The Ohio State University, IEEE Undergraduate Student Chapter (Academic Interest) Advisor


201 Caldwell




  • 20110101-20141201

    Distinguished Lecturer.

  • 20140501

    Outstanding Engineering Educator, Ohio Society of Professional Engineers.

  • 20140201

    Outstanding Engineering Educator, Franklin County Chapter of Ohio Society of Professional Engineers.

  • 20130401

    Winner at Denman Undergraduate Research Forum.

  • 20120401

    Winner at Denman Undergraduate Research Forum.

  • 20120101

    Finalist, Inventor of the Year.

  • 20110501

    Presidential Fellowship (Ms. Anisha Ramesh).

  • 20110401

    Lumley Research Award.

  • 20110101

    Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

  • 20100101

    Senior Member.

  • 20090601

    Runner-Up in the Best Poster Award. Northwest Shoals Community College.

  • 20090401

    Presidential Fellowship (Mr. Woo-Jun Yoon).

  • 20090401

    Faculty Diversity Excellence Award.

  • 20090101


  • 20080501

    Honorable Mention. John M Patterson State Technical College.

  • 20080101

    Finalist, Inventor of the Year.

  • 20070101


  • 20060401

    Lumley Research Award.

  • 20051201

    Best Student Poster Award.

  • 20031201

    Finalist for Best Student Paper Award.

  • 20000101

    Allan P. Colburn Prize for Best Dissertation in Engineering and Mathematical Sciences.

  • 19990101-20000101

    Nominated, Excellence in Teaching Award.

  • 19980101


  • 19980101

    DARPA Ultra Electronics Program Award of Excellence.

  • 19980101


  • 19970101

    Elected, Senior Member.

  • 19960101-19970101

    Nominated, Excellence in Teaching Award.

  • 19960101

    Faculty Early Career Development Award (CAREER).

  • 19920101




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Journal Articles


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Papers in Proceedings


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