BS/MS Program



The College of Engineering offers a number of combined BS/MS programs for undergraduate students with outstanding academic records to encourage the best students to pursue advanced degrees. This allows well-qualified undergraduates to start graduate study before completing their BS degree. Enrolling in a combined BS/MS program can shorten the total time to get both a BS degree and a MS degree. By enrolling in a combined BS/MS program, you are eligible to count up to 12 semester credit-hours of courses taken as a BS student toward your MS degree. 


You must meet all requirements imposed by the Graduate School for combined BS/MS programs. Section VIII of the official Ohio State Graduate School Handbook contains up-to-date information about these requirements. You are eligible to apply for a combined BS/MS program in engineering if:

• You are an Ohio State undergraduate student (not necessarily in engineering)

• You have at least a 3.5 CPHR in all previous undergraduate work

• You will have completed at least 90 undergraduate semester credit hours toward the BS degree prior to starting graduate study.

Application, Admission, and Enrollment

Students need to gain admission into the BS/MS program prior to enrollment in combined courses. Courses taken prior to BS/MS admission cannot be used for combined credit.

The first step is to discuss combined course choices with an undergraduate advisor to ensure all requirements are being met for the BS program. Next, apply to the graduate program from which you want a MS degree. Follow the regular graduate admission process. Go to the ECE Application Process page to begin the ECE admission application. Indicate on the application your desire to enter the combined BS/MS program.

Once all items have been received for the graduate application including letters of recommendation, submit the online Combined Degree Program (BS/MS) form online to the Graduate School (https:// Students enter the combined courses on the form. This is considered your official combined course list.

The form needs approval from an ECE Undergraduate Advisor, MS Graduate Program Coordinator, and the College of Engineering combined degree coorindator.  Review and approval of the form is the final step in the admission process.

These steps need to be done prior to enrollment in the combined courses. Courses already taken cannot be approved for combined course credit.

Additional Information

Here are some additional points you should consider:

  • You apply, and are admitted, to graduate study under the regular graduate admission criteria and processes. Make sure to check for admission deadlines with the department whose graduate program you are considering as soon as you think you might be interested in a combined BS/MS program.
    • Submit an application to the ECE combined degree by Feb. 1 for autumn admission or Sept. 1 for spring admission.
  • Once you are enrolled in a combined BS/MS program, you become a graduate student and are charged graduate tuition and fees. 
  • Students enrolled in a bachelor’s/master’s combined program may hold Graduate Associate appointments. Check with your graduate program for details.
  • If you hold a Graduate Associate position, then you must meet all graduate-credit-hour and other requirements associated with that position. The Graduate School has minimum enrollment requirements for students on appointment. The department appointing you may have additional enrollment requirements. Check with the graduate program.
  • You will have two GPAs – one for undergraduate and one for graduate. You will be subject to academic standards at both levels
  • Always enroll for combined courses on your undergraduate record. The combined courses will be added  to your graduate record after your BS graduation.
  • While in the BS/MS program, students can take additional MS only courses that are not combined. This is the only case to enroll on the graduate record.