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News for Students

ECE Grad Student Earns First Place in the 2024 College of Engineering 3MT Competition
Help us congratulate Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D student Krutant...
HeForSWE Student Featured: Sunny Saini, ECE
Ohio State ECE Student, Sunny Saini, Featured for His Role as University...
Technology for Social Justice: Engineering Methods to Reduce Poverty, Racism, and Inequities
Technology for Social Justice: Engineering Methods to Reduce Poverty, Racism...
Grads of distinction: Katie Lenz
Inspired by an experiment in elementary school showing how to power a lightbulb...
Students accelerate on road to success
A new summer enrichment program at The Ohio State University College of...
From Arctic ice to the hospital room, Ohio State radiometry research earns NIH grant
The same technology The Ohio State University used to measure Arctic ice...
Future of Ohio State Computer Vision Research So Bright it Needs Shades
In the world of computer vision research, The Ohio State University is rising to...
Through the light: Chowdhury earns $1.05M AFOSR grant to study materials in extremes
When Enam Chowdhury thinks of the universe, he sees an intense connection...
Ohio State joins $2.44 million DOE electric efficiency initiative
Program will help power suppliers deal with the uncertain effects of climate...
Graduate student returns from MOSAiC journey to the Arctic
“I didn’t expect it to be so cold,” Oguz Demir said, laughing. “Yeah, it was...

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