Shamsul Arafin Among Intel 2023 Rising Star Faculty Award Winners

Posted: September 12, 2023



Shamsul Arafin

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
The Ohio State University

Intel’s 2023 Rising Star Awards were announced Monday, acknowledging the valuable research efforts of 15 Early-Career Professionals

Among the winners is Ohio State ECE Professor Shamsul Arafin who notably "made significant contributions in a number of areas. His research and educational focus primarily lie in both electrical engineering and material sciences. In particular, his areas of focus include III-V compound semiconductor and 2D-materials, optoelectronic devices, semiconductor lasers and photonic integrated circuits which have potential to significantly advance semiconductor technologies and the future of computing. Since he formed the Optics and Photonics Research Lab (OPREL) 4 years ago, his research group has performed cutting-edge research on a wide range of areas including quantum dot based narrow-linewidth widely tunable lasers, mid-wave infrared photonic integrated circuits, as well as quantum materials and the associated single photon sources. He has also extended his experimental research in the area of topological photonics given its potential and promise to offer many attractive properties such as, scatter-free edge-state transport, immune to perturbations and disorder to the associated active devices."

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