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ECE Professor Longya Xu Elected to 2023 National Academy of Engineering Cohort


In honor of a full professional career of excellence, Ohio State University Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Longya Xu was elected to the 2023 National Academy of Engineering (NAE) cohort. 

As co-founder and director (retired) of Ohio State's College of Engineer Center for High Performance Power Electronics, Xu is recognized for his "contributions to high-performance electric machines and variable-speed drives for aerospace and wind turbines."

Among the 2023 NAE cohort, three new fellow Ohio State College of Engineering professors were also named. Included are:

Luo, Alan, professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Ohio State University, Columbus. For implementation of lightweight aluminum, magnesium, and titanium materials and advanced manufacturing processes for automotive applications. 

Puskas, Judit Eva, distinguished professor, Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering, Ohio State University, Wooster. For coinventing an FDA-approved, life-saving coronary stent coating, and fundamental research and scale-up of polymerization processes. 

Fellow Ohio State ECE Professor Marvin White also shares the distinction for being named to the NAE in 2001 for contributions to solid-state imagers and for advances in silicon devices and technology .


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