ECE Faculty Earn Ohio State College of Engineering 2022 Awards

22 faculty awards

Over the past year, numerous faculty from The Ohio State University's Electrical and Computer Engineering took home honors for their distinguished research contributions.

Associate Professor Hongping Zhao received the 2022 Buckeye Engineering Women in Executive Leadership, or BEWEL, "Leadership in Innovation Award." It is presented to a junior or mid-career faculty member in the College of Engineering who demonstrates excellence in leadership, innovation, research, and scholarship, and is committed to the advancement of women in engineering.

Professor Kevin Passino received the 2022 Faculty Diversity Excellence Award. It is presented annually to an individual faculty member or team of faculty for actions and accomplishments that support the College’s priority goal of achieving excellence through diversity and creating an environment and organizational culture in which all individuals are accepted, respected and valued.

Professor Lisa Fiorentini received the 2022 Honda-Ohio State Partnership Award, which is presented to an individual making significant contributions toward promoting and strengthening the Partnership, in areas of education, research and outreach as related to the transportation field. Her research areas include control and systems theory, nonlinear and adaptive control, robust control, tracking and regulation, non-minimum phase systems, over-actuated systems, control-oriented model design, model order reduction, applications in automotive and aerospace systems

Professor Sanjay Krishna received the 2022 Ralph L. Boyer Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Engineering Innovation. The award is presented to a faculty team or to an individual faculty member in the College of Engineering that has made outstanding contributions to the improvement of undergraduate engineering education.

Two ECE faculty earned the distinguished 2022 Lumley Research Award from the College of Engineering. The award recognizes the research contributions and productivity over the last five years (2018-2022) of faculty and research scientists. Those faculty include Shamsul Arafin, and Xinmiao Zhang.

ECE student Shen Zhao also received the 2022 Ohio State College of Engineering Exemplary Graduate Student Research Award. Shen is co-advised by Professors Lee Potter and Rizwan Ahmad. Shen will graduate in May 2022 and take a post-doctoral position at Stanford University.

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