ECE/EE Alumni Society wins Innovative Program of the Year Award

Posted: November 16, 2021

The Ohio State ECE/EE Alumni Society was recognized for its work reaching out to the next generation of engineers online.

The Ohio State University Alumni Association presented the society with the Innovative Program of the Year award, which celebrates new and unique programming initiatives hosted by alumni clubs and societies. 

The ECE/EE Alumni Society's Virtual STEM Outreach program took home the honor this year, earning a $600 prize to use toward future event programs. 

Despite event cancellations and closures during a pandemic, the longstanding STEM outreach efforts of Professor Betty Lise Anderson’s hands-on projects continued into virtual learning opportunities for children across the country.

The EE/ECE Alumni Society worked in conjunction with Anderson to gather the core materials needed for these projects and ship them to participants.

"While these projects are usually facilitated in person, we hosted virtual sessions to explain the underlying scientific and engineering principles in a manner that kids will understand while showing them how to construct each project," the society reported.

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