ECE Master's Program: Ramak Vojdanpak

Posted: October 15, 2021
Video: Ramak Vojdanpak discusses her time in the Ohio State ECE graduate program.

Among the many reasons people pursue electrical and computer engineering degrees is ultimately to learn how to solve problems and use those skills to make the world a better place.

After earning her undergraduate degree from one of the top university’s in Iran, Ramak Vojdanpak knew she was ready for graduate school. She chose The Ohio State University’s Masters of Science ECE program. Looking back, she said, what defines the program is its wide scope of opportunities.

After graduation in 2020, she went on to become an electrical design engineer in Ohio and later moved to the California bay area to become a quality assurance engineer.

What made Ohio State ECE unique for her is the community.

“The professors, the classmates and the senior graduate students, the counselors, and everyone at the ECE department, are very helpful and they are amazing in the roles that they are doing,” Vojdanpak said. “I learned a lot from them, and they make me feel like I am at home. It made the experience amazing.”

The alumna found herself working with professors in photonics, electromagnetics, and later signal processing and control systems.

“The ECE program is a very broad field these days, because of the development of the technology, right?,” she said. “It’s amazing that you have this opportunity and these amazing people who are very known in their field and who are passionate about their research and know a lot about industry too – if that’s the path you want to go into, like me.”


During her time as an industry engineer, Vojdanpak said it became clear project management is very important. The ECE program teaches you this.

“For project management you need a strong background in theory and also be able to meet deadlines,” she said. “I learned that theory from amazing professors who are very knowledgable in their field. They helped me very much and made me ready for industry.”

Equipped with a broad range of experiences and skills, Vojdanpak said Ohio State was also there when it came time for the job hunt.

“One of the great things is the Ohio State ECE program is a very known program. It makes the job search easy for you to try different roles and different companies,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity if you want to grow as an engineer in the industry.”

Like many international students, she said, finding a home away from home is important for staying focused. She offered some advice to new students considering graduate school.

“If you are an international student, or a newcomer to the ECE department at Ohio State University, try to join the events and the clubs as much as you can. In this way, you get to know these amazing people – the professors, your future colleagues, your current classmates and graduate students,” Vojdanpak said. “They are going to help you. They are there to make the path easier for you. Reach out to them. Ask for help if you need it. Try to make your network. They are amazing people. Enjoy spending time with them and getting ready for the journey you want to do in the future.”

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