ECE 5078: Student Lead New Venture Pitches

Posted: April 6, 2021

The culmination of the new Empowering the Entrepreneurial Engineer class results in a student-led pitch to industry leaders.

Final presentations for Dr. Sanjay Krishna's Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) 5078 class take place from 3 p.m. to 3:55 p.m. on April 14, 16 and 19.

Krishna said the students will pitch their New Technology Ventures in a Shark Tank-style competition with cash prizes.

See the full schedule:

Date and Time

Company Name

Team Members

4/14, 3:00-3:15PM

Welcome and Introductions


4/14, 3:20-3:35PM

Advent Robotics

Chris Chreech, James Messner, and Minzheng Jiang

4/14 3:40-3:55PM

Valenzia Inc.

Katie Lenz and Natalie Valko

4/16  3:00-3:15PM


Heli Naik, Ahmed Negm, and Shrey Sartandel

4/16  3:20-3:35PM

MMP Enterprises

Mustafa Kolanci, Michael Jin, and Prem Methuku

4/16  3:40-3:55PM

Happy Little Trees Inc.

Yibo Xu, Joe Caraballo, and Carlos Perez-Oviedo

4/19  3:00-3:15PM


Justin Gilg, Steve Pennington, and Peng Qing

4/19  3:20-3:35PM

RF Works

Rashmi Lalwani, Mridula Khade, and Shehan Perea

4/19 3:40-3:55PM

Electrolife Health & Wellness

Collin O’Brien, Stefanie Seitzinger, and Maya Tamaskar

Judges include:

Bill Baumel, managing director of the Ohio Innovation Fund

Cheryl Turnbull, senior director Venture Capital and New Ventures at Ohio State

Dr. Tom Burns, technology entrepreneur and investor

Register at the link below to receive a zoom link for ECE 5078’s final presentations: