ECE Hall of Fame: Weiguo Que

Posted: December 15, 2020

EE/ECE alumnus Weiguo Que received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University in 2002. He earned his BS and MS degrees from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China between 1989-1997.

He specializes in high voltage system and insulation design. He focuses on the design and operation of high current, high voltage, multi-MW AC/DC converter power supplies using modern power electronics technology, including both line-commutated thyristor converters and fast switching power amplifiers. Other areas of his specialization are the application of power supply systems to tokamak magnet coils including feedback control and protection, as well as power systems and electrostatic/electromagnetic analysis using software, such as PSCAD, EMTP, OPERA, and ANSYS.

Que worked at Axcelis Technologies from 2002-2008 as a senior electrical engineer. He also served at Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates between 2008 -2009 as a senior electrical engineer.

Que then joined Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and has been there since 2009. The Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory is operated by Princeton University, under contract to the United States Department of Energy (USDOE). PPPL is the only USDOE laboratory fully dedicated to the research and development of fusion.

At PPPL, Que plays a lead role in the design, commissioning and operation of power supplies associated with magnetic confinement research devices including the use of existing facilities, upgrades of existing facilities, and the construction of new facilities for new projects. This includes high current, high voltage, multi-MW AC/DC converter systems and associated equipment.  

Que distinguished career includes over 20 years of experience in advanced technology research as a senior electrical engineer. His specific areas of technical expertise include high voltage engineering, multi-MW AC/DC converter power supplies systems, and pulsed power. He is experienced as an engineer for a wide range of activities including design, analysis, procurement, commissioning, and operations. Additionally, Que has published dozens of published several papers and owns several patents.