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Top 5 Research Videos of 2020
At the end of each semester, graduates from The Ohio State University Electrical...
Ohio State ECE in 2020: Innovation and inspiration
Even in the wake of a tragic worldwide pandemic, The Ohio State University’s...
ECE Hall of Fame: Ali Nourai
Alumnus Ali Nourai earned his BSEE degree at SharifUniversity of Technology of...
ECE Hall of Fame: Carlos F. Ramirez
Distinguished Alumnus Carlos F. Ramírez earned his BSEE from Utah State...
ECE Hall of Fame: John P. Stovall
Alumnus John P. Stovall earned his MSEE in 1975 from The Ohio State University...
ECE Hall of Fame: Xiaohuan Tan
Distinguished alumna Xiaohuan Tan received her PhD at The Ohio State University...
ECE Hall of Fame: Brian Manhire
Distinguished alumnus Brian Manhire earned his BSEE/MSEE in 1972 and his PhD in...
ECE Hall of Fame: Victor Hermosillo
Alumnus Victor Hermosillo earned his MSEE from The Ohio State University in May...
ECE Hall of Fame: Michael A. Franchek
Distinguished alumnus Michael A. Franchek earned both his BSEE in 1977 and MSEE...
ECE Hall of Fame: Weiguo Que
EE/ECE alumnus Weiguo Que received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from...

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