Autumn 2019 Outstanding Teaching

Posted: February 5, 2020

The Electrical and Computer Engineering department took a moment to highlight teaching excellence based on student input after the Autumn 2019 semester. 

Hesham El Gamal, ECE department chair, said faculty and teaching assistants from the Autumn 2019 semester stood out for their “rigorous methods, mastery of teaching skills and inspiring passion for creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment for our students.”

Based on evaluations, comments, engagement and class size, five faculty stood out to earn Teaching Excellence commendations:

• Nima Ghalichechian
• Asimina Kiourti
• Sanjay Krishna
• Tawfiq Musah 
• Lee Potter

The five were chosen foe scoring higher than 4.8/5 (SEI) with more than 20 students participating in the survey. The commended faculty members were recognized on Jan. 14.