Spring 2019 Outstanding Teaching Assistants named

Posted: August 20, 2019

Al Khalid
The role of a teaching assistant is not just about supporting faculty at The Ohio State University, it’s about strengthening mentorship between new and seasoned students to create a chain of learning.
On Monday, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Chair Hesham El Gamal named the inaugural Spring 2019 Outstanding Teaching Assistants, Khalid Al Khalid and Chenyu Liang.
Al Khalid is advised by ECE Professor Jin Wang, and Liang is advised by ECE Professor Patrick Roblin

El Gamal said the two were picked based upon student response and enthusiasm for their efforts in the classroom. 

Wang said he was glad to see a student of his recognized for such exemplary efforts.

Roblin said Liang is hardworking and runs the 5017 and 5027 labs with an open-door policy. 

“The students in the microwave lab have, in turn, greatly benefited from his expertise and his advice in their design projects,” he said.

According to student comments on Liang’s nomination, he goes above and beyond to ensure complex concepts are understood and applied. 

“Chenyu put in an immense amount of effort, including his own free time, to ensure we were successful in what we were trying to accomplish,” one student wrote.

Another student commented how Al Khalid taught with great attention, “Not just about lab, but with lecture material too. He really cares about teaching and listens to students; took safety very seriously and came to class very well prepared."

Story by Ryan Horns, ECE/IMR Communications Specialist (Horns.1@osu.edu)