EE/ECE Alumni Society Volunteer Opportunities

Posted: March 18, 2019

Via the Ohio State EE/ECE Alumni Society:

As Electrical and Computer Engineers, we have an innate interest in technology and a desire to spread the word among the next generation of engineer youth.  Fortunately, The Ohio State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has a STEM Outreach All Star in Professor Betty Lise Anderson.  Since she started her K-12 hands-on-experience program, her efforts have reached over 20,000 prospective future engineers, to spark their interest and demystify its concepts: and

Dates and Events Listing:… 

Anderson expressed a need for volunteers to assist in two of her biggest events this May in the Columbus area. Volunteers are needed to assist kids in completing their project and to witness their amazement at creating something from scratch, which demonstrates engineering principles. Hopefully, with this experience, an opportunity in engineering, or other STEM career field, is opened up as a possibility for them.

If you are in the Columbus area for the dates listed, please consider helping out for an hour or more (many volunteers are needed!) and register via the links provided. If you are outside Columbus but are interested in performing a similar service in your community, please consider contacting Anderson. 

These projects are very portable, well defined with supporting materials, and are very cheap to supply (most projects are $40 or less per class!). 

If you can't volunteer but want to help support Anderson's mission with a monetary donation (counts toward OSUAA Sustaining Membership!) head here online:…