Bits & Sparks alumni magazine online

Posted: September 28, 2018

Graduates from The Ohio State University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) are a fiercely talented and diverse group of people in leading roles skattered across the nation.

Each year the ECE department compiles the top research and department news via the Bits & Sparks magazine to keep them all better connected to their Buckeye alma mater.

Find the newest issue of Bits & Sparks online HERE.

The theme inside this year's magazine is "Pioneering Engineering," a phrase to celebrate the many areas of research and technologies breaking new ground in the worldwide scientific realms.

There were several "firsts" this year, as well as world records: The first Ohio State satellite, CubeRRT, was launched into orbit and is already sending back data (that story is coming soon). Researchers are finding new ways to address the ongoing harmful algae bloom toxins poisoning Midwest water supplies. The department is exploring new realms of neural implant science, called "biocircuit engineering."

It goes beyond that as well. Ohio State set drone speed records, made huge strides in driverless vehicle testing infrastructure, and helped NASA see past the solar system and beyond.

Electrical and computer engineering. It's not all just about numbers and textbooks, Ohio State faculty are looking beyond the technology of today for a better tomorrow. The future is what we do.

- Ryan Horns, ECE/IMR Communications Specialist