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Stressed out and uncertain? Get heard.

This time of year is stressful as you prepare for graduation, graduate school, or employment. Many of you have prepared a few options and know what is ahead. Some of you may be uncertain about where you are going or are worried about graduating. It can be overwhelming and you may feel alone, embarrassed, or that you are letting others down.  

By the time I graduated from The Ohio State University (um, many years ago) I still had a very limited view of what I wanted to do as a career. I found my way. Even students I've talked to for winning awards and excelling in academia, I've learned are still wondering about what to do next.

Just know, there are options along the way to help you manage the stress and be proactive in planning your future. Academic Advising, Engineering Career Services (ECS), Graduation Coordination, and Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS) have workshops and resources available to support you.  

Advising:  Your advisors are available to help you strategize options regarding your academics for the remainder of this semester. They have a number of resources under the “Graduation” tab within the “Current Students” section.

Engineering Career Services has numerous workshops that you can attend to support your employment search, and you can access Career Services up to 1 year after graduation.  

Counseling and Consultation Service has a number of drop-in workshops to help you manage stress and anxiety, and deal with perfectionism which run through the last Tuesday of Finals week. CCS has a number of other resources, including after hours services and self help resources. Check out the tabs on the left-hand side of their website (

The Student Wellness Center has Wellness Coaching to help you find ways to take care of yourself

S.M.A.R.T. Lab offers free stress management assessment and techniques to build resilience when you feel overwhelmed. 

Check out their websites to register or identify times and locations when workshops and resources are held.


- Ryan Horns, ECE|IMR Communications Specialist