Meet the ECE Spring 2018 graduating classes
Some are headed to further their academic career, while others are entering into...
Gupta wins 2017 George Sinclair Award
The highest honor bestowed on ElectroScience Laboratory faculty at The Ohio...
DeLong earns NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship
Deals with cognitive radar as it applies to weather forecasting.
IEEE GSB H-1B Visa Sessions
With over 6,000 international students at The Ohio State University, the issue...
2018 ECE Faculty/Staff Dinner
Thanks to everyone for attending the annual Electrical and Computer Engineering...
SP18 Graduating Class Lunch/Photo
Seniors, the @OhioStateECE Department is hosting a graduation luncheon on...
2018 Kraus Memorial Graduate Student Poster Competition
Thanks to all who attended the 2018 John D. and Alice Nelson Kraus Memorial ECE...
Stressed out and uncertain? Get heard.
Faculty and staff available for help.
Ringel wins 2018 Distinguished Professor Award
Only two selected annually at The Ohio State University

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