Spotlight: EE/ECE Alumni Society Student Reps

Posted: October 18, 2017

Lucas Newton and Meghan Booker
To further ties to students, the EE/ECE Alumni Society at The Ohio State University invites representatives from undergraduate student organizations onto its board.

In October, the society welcomed its newest student representatives, Meghan Booker, president of the Undergraduate IEEE organization, as well as Lucas Newton, president of the Ohio State Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) chapter.

Learn more about both students in our newest @OhioStateECE Q&A:

Where are you from and what made you first want to pursue ECE?

Booker: I am from Loudon, New Hampshire. I decided to pursue ECE after taking an Artificial Intelligence course at St. Paul’s Advanced Studies Program in high school. This program opened me up to some interesting technical problems and sparked my interest in robotics.

Newton: I'm from Dayton, OH and I went into the ECE program in hopes that I could be of most use to society that way. I think Electrical Engineering has been of great value to the world since the late 19th century and is still ever present in new technology today.

Why at Ohio State?

Booker: When I first started looking at colleges, I knew that I wanted to branch out of New England and try something new. Ohio State drew me in because of the beautiful campus, amazing school spirit (and football), and excellent electrical program. While touring, it was also clear to me that Ohio State had many opportunities for success, and looking back now, I am beyond happy that I chose Ohio State.

Newton: Ohio State was close to home from me and I like the idea of a huge campus. I can adventure around and find new bits of history about Ohio State that not many people would know.

Why would you recommend new students get involved with Ohio State HKN/IEEE?

Booker: IEEE is a great organization that offers many opportunities to not only electrical and computer engineering students but any engineering students. We have networking opportunities, social events, volunteering opportunities, projects, and IEEE Columbus events. This organization really is a great way to be involved in the technical community here at Ohio State, and a student can become involved in a variety of ways.

Newton: HKN has lunch discussions roughly 6 times a semester in which we will watch a short video clip that has advice or thoughtful ideas that are relevant to career development. Following the video we have an open discussion and everyone is allowed to voice their opinion. In addition to HKN members, professors are also invited to share ideas and socialize with students over lunch.

What do either of you hope to pursue, career-wise, after graduation?

Booker: This semester I am applying to PhD programs across the country and planning on starting that degree in August 2018. I hope to explore control designs for dynamical systems while guaranteeing the safety and accuracy of the systems. After that, I hope to stay in academia.

Newton: After I graduate in December of this year I plan to pursue a PhD at Ohio State in electromagnetics. Obtaining a PhD from OSU would be a great honor and I hope to be able to help society move forward in millimeter wave and THz frequency technology.