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GhostWave Inc. featured in WIRED

GhostWave, a Columbus-based startup with Ohio State alumni and faculty at the helm, received some impressive press in a recent WIRE article featuring the "Top 10 Startups Racing to Remake the Auto Industry."

Future vehicles will need to sense the world, if they're going to drive themselves, and developments in this area are happening fast.

“It’s an exciting area to be in,” says Dean Zody, CEO of GhostWave.

The Columbus, Ohio-based startup is making radar sensors that are less prone to interference, which it says will be crucial when the roads are flooded with self-driving cars relying on them for collision avoidance - WIRED

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The team behind GhostWave consists of retired Ohio State electrical and computer engineering (ECE) professor Eric Walton and currrent ECE professor Wladimiro Villarroel, who teamed up with Ohio State business alumnus Zody as CEO. The business recently earned $100,000 from the Ohio Third Frontier program to help develop its technology for commercialization.

According to Business First, "GhostWave incorporates licensed electronics technology from Ohio State for low-frequency radar that can detect obstacles – and even sort out priorities of pedestrians vs. potholes– without being subject to jamming or interference from other radar or electronic devices."