EE/ECE Alumni Society Scarlet Status

Posted: October 13, 2017

Leadership within the Ohio State University EE/ECE Alumni Society earned the distinction of being an Outstanding Alumni Society for 2017.

The title is the result of maintaining its Scarlet Status as an alumni organization through the Ohio State Alumni Association.

Board member Mark Morscher was also named an Outstanding Volunteer.

Each alumni club and society in the association is designated as a Carmen, Gray or Scarlet status, depending upon its level of activity, involvement and accountability. Scarlet is the highest honor.

At the October EE/ECE Alumni Society Board meeting, members voted Aaron Joseph as the new society president, Jason Smith as president-elect, David Bradway as vice president, Vimal Buck as treasurer and Bradley Clymer secretary. New student representatives include Lucas Newton (HKN) and Meghan Booker (IEEE).

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