ECE students attend the 2017 Engineering Expo at the Union

Posted: September 27, 2017

Whether it’s an internship or a future career, the 2017 Engineering EXPO at The Ohio State University provided an outlet for students to explore and talk with real companies.

Presented by the Engineers' Council, the 51st annual EXPO took place Sept. 26 and 27 at The Ohio Union and featured more than 140 companies. Students of many STEM majors attended the affair, which includes those in electrical and computer engineering (ECE). 

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Learn how ECE students take full advantage of the career fair and why they keep returning year after year.

Gradating in May of 2018, Paloma Cooper was in search of an internship for fall of 2018 so she could ease into the work force and enjoy graduation.

Cooper has attended the EXPO over the past three years with success. And even though she didn’t attend her freshmen year, she encourages new students to go.

“There is always someone here that could give freshman a job,” she said. “I wish I knew that sooner.”

Either way, she’s still finding opportunities. Cooper looked into the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory while at the EXPO, but her biggest goal is to secure a position with Ford Automotive. She is interested in pursuing careers in signal processing and autonomous vehicles.

“The career fair has always been very generous to me and I’ve found a lot of opportunities here,” she said. “So hopefully I can get something for fall of ‘18.”

Ramon Weldemicael
A fourth-year in ECE, Ramon Weldemicael attended the expo in search of a fulltime job. His interests lie in computer architecture and hardware, with research topics like home security that integrate finger print scanning.

“[I’m] looking into hardware companies and hopefully I can find a fulltime job that is enjoyable,” he said.

Weldemicael spoke with Dynetics, Inc., an Ohio-based company, which focuses on providing high-tech products and services to sectors like national security, automotive and cybersecurity industries. 

A second year ECE student, Nathan Platfoot attended the EXPO in search of an internship for spring or summer 2018.

Platfoot said he had great success at the event last year. He obtained a summer 2017 internship with NuWaves Engineering in Middletown, Ohio and discovered a new academic interest.

“Radio frequency applications, that’s something that I’m kind of playing around with and seeing if it’s what I really want to do,” he said.

Platfoot said he’s interested in eventually determining his specialization and wants to gain more experience in the real-world. While at this year’s EXPO, he looked into companies like Battelle and Honda.

“The career fair is really helpful,” Platfoot said. “I think it’s a great resource to connect employers with students and the other way around. And it’s something that’s really valuable to Ohio State.”

Story by ECE Public Relations Student Writer Lydia Freudenberg