From rocket science to roads, Ohio State engineers find new traffic safety solutions
Big Data Municipal Vehicle LIDAR Monitoring
Celebrating 75 Years of ElectroScience Laboratory Innovations
Save the date: Oct. 6, join us for the 75th Anniversary Celebration at ESL
Longya Xu to win 2018 Nikola Tesla Award
An engineering professor from The Ohio State University was selected to become...
Kenneth C. Sevcik Outstanding Student Paper Award
An electrical and computer engineering (ECE) student at The Ohio State...
ESL 75th Anniversary Feature: Nima Ghalichechian
In the drive to advance wireless communication, researchers at The Ohio State...
ECE Graduate Video Series: PhD student Chengcheng Yao
#New2OSU #WelcomeOSU
ECE Graduate Student Orientation
Sessions start back up next week. The Ohio State University's Department of...

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