Two ECE students earn awards at 2017 Materials Week

Posted: May 19, 2017

Raman Vilkhu
Two electrical and computer engineering (ECE) students were awarded Best Student Poster Awards during the recent 2017 Materials Week Poster Competition held May 9-12 at The Ohio State University.

Undergraduate student Ramandeep Vilkhu’s poster, “Powering of Wearable Sensors via Fabric Electrochemistry,” was created in collaboration between the ElectroScience Laboratory, and the Ohio State ECE, Chemistry and Surgery departments. His advisor is ECE Professor Asimina Kiourti.

Learn more about Vilkhu’s work HERE.  

Hao Yang
Hao Yang is a PhD student in his last year of study, who received an award for his work, “Graphene Microsupercapacitors for On-Chip Energy Storage.” His advisor is ECE Professor Wu Lu.

Yang said a supercapacitor is an electrochemical energy storage device, a powerful competitor and potential substitute for batteries, made even more effective through the use of graphene to increase conductivity.

“In our preliminary study published in Journal of Power Sources, 2015, we developed a highly scalable and effective graphene synthesis method at low temperatures in a vacuum,” Yang said. “In this research, we combine the advances in graphene synthesis and microfabrication technologies, making an all solid state micro-supercapacitor in just a few hundreds microns. The micro-supercapacitors are highly desired in on-chip energy storage applications such as MEMS, wireless sensor networks, solar cell, RF tag, and so on. The technology developed here is compatible with the semiconductor industry and should be readily available for immediate production."

The Ohio State Materials Week Poster Competition saw a record number of entries this year, with 114 registered and 107 eligible for judging. In the end, just 22 posters were selected for awards. 

Materials week provided an opportunity for the community to gather to listen to and participate in a keynote address by Ayodhya N. Tiwari on "Solar Electricity: Advancements and Opportunities with Innovative Emerging Technologies", two cross cutting sessions, six focus sessions, three-minute thesis competition, and two student poster sessions.

The event is organized annually by the Institute for Materials Research at Ohio State. 
Find more information from the event HERE.