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Introducing: ECE Student PR Writer

In an effort to keep the Ohio State University Department of Electrical and Computer Enginneering community updated and informed on research and news developments, a student came on board to help.

Introducing, Lydia Freudenberg, the new ECE Student Public Relations Writer. She is currently a Public Affairs Journalism major who originally hails from Marysville, Ohio.

Freudenberg explained why she chose to help out the ECE mission.

"I am a large believer in progress in order to make a better tomorrow. Because of this, I have always been curious and excited to learn about new topics and research," she said. "ECE students and faculty are all about making progress for a better tomorrow, which is amazing. Hearing what they are doing and their accomplishments is something I believe is important to share with everybody."

As a Journalism student, Freudenberg said she is continually finding new career options as she nears graduation. A recent magazine writing class left her facinated by the process of interviewing and telling stories about interesting people.

"So lately, I have been thinking about applying to city magazines after graduation," she said.

Freudenberg also talked about why she initially decided Ohio State was right for her.

"I chose Ohio State because of all the options. Coming into college, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do, or what I wanted my major to be. I went from being a chemistry major, to an international business major, to a journalism major within three years," she said. "Now, I am doing what I love. Ohio State made it easy for me to figure out my passion by providing a slew of classes and opportunities."