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Denman Undergraduate Research Forum Recap

The technology used to create batteries always fascinated Ramandeep Vilkhu, so when he was given the opportunity to work as an assistant researcher as a student at The Ohio State University he was all on board.

Under the mentorship of electrical and computer engineering (ECE) assistant professor Asimina Kiourti, Vilkhu is now conducting research on fabric electrochemistry.

This week, he turned that facination with batteries into a research presentation at the 2017 Denman Undergraduate Research Forum based on their work.

Electronic battery fabricAccording to his research, consumer popularity will add over 237 million new wearable devices to the market by 2020, across multiple industries.

Vilkhu said the bulkiness of batteries is unconventional and the “printed” battery cell they are creating is unobtrusive and more realistic. The battery generates power when a conductive liquid, like sweat or fluid from a wound, acts as an electrolyte and causes a redox reaction.

Vilkhu said this technology could be useful in the military, healthcare situations, sports or even emergency applications. He is excited to see what the future holds.

Scattered across hundreds of presenters at the Denmen forum, were other ECE sudents taking part. 

Emily Reed, a senior, said presenting research at the event is important because it helps prepare her for what comes next academically.

"I'll be going to graduate school in the fall," she said. "Starting now, presenting my research and developing these skills, will help me in the future as I pursue my PhD."

Find pictures of Vilkhu and Reed, as well as other ECE-affiitated students, at the link:

Find a video interview with Reed HERE

Written with help from ECE Student PR Writer Lydia Freudenberg