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CETRASE thin-film research workshop

ECE students, the deadline for submitting research abstracts to the International Workshop on Thin-films for Electronics, Electro-optics, Energy and Sensors, organized by the Center of Excellence for Thin-film Research and Surface Engineering (CETRASE) is coming up at March 31. More information in this PDF.

Join fellow experts and researchers from sponsor institutions and many other top scholars from around the world. 

The event takes place at the University of Dayton from June 25-27

Topics may include, but are not limited to:

- Multifunctional oxide thin-films.
- Thin-film microelectronics. 
- Flexible and printable thin-films. 
- Thin-film metamaterials.
- Optics at the surface.
- Nonlinear optical thin-films. 
- Organic and biological thin-films.
- Phase-change materials and other thin-film sensor materials.
- Thin-films for energy harvesting and energy storage. 
- Novel processing, characterization techniques and applications of thin-films.

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