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Buckeyes Give: Month of Service

Buckeyes Give: Month of Service

Buckeyes give back. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. We help our neighbors, our community, our friends, our family,and we have a blast doing it. So what better time than during the annual Month of Service in April, to make a difference in the world around you?

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Alumni Society has coordinated with volunteer and outreach organizations within the College of Engineering to provide unique opportunities for alumni to participate in activities. Interact with current students and contribute to several meaningful efforts from the college that go well beyond classrooms and research.

All throughout April, stay tuned for announcements regarding opportunities to help give back to the community we call home. Learn more:

If you are interested in volunteering at one of the events listed below, follow the link to get more details and register at the OSUAA Volunteer Match site.

STEM Outreach (Watch a video on it)

Professor Betty Lise Anderson has created an Award-winning program to spark K-12 students interest in STEM through simple and fun projects emphasizing engineering concepts. Over the years, based on 1-2 hour sessions where students create a working machine, over 15,000 students have been awakened to a future in Engineering.

In April, you can join Professor Anderson and current Ohio State students in spreading the STEM word at a variety of events:

April 1 – Ohio Science Olympiad (OSU Campus)

April 4 – Whitehall Rosemore Middle School

April 11 – Champion Middle School

April 13 – Champion Middle School

Apr 20 – ECE Graduate Student Poster Competition

April 21 – Columbus Metro Library (Parsons Ave Branch)

April 23 – Starry Night Science Fair (Westerville)

Engineers for Community Service (ECOS): (Watch a video on it)

ECOS is a College of Engineering student organization that strives to contribute their engineering skill to serve others, learn more.  While they have numerous projects and activities throughout the year, three have been made available to alumni to assist during the Month of Service.

April 2 – Wheelchair Ramp Build

April 11 – Alumni Bike Fix

April 22 – Humanitarian Engineering Scholars Homeless Shelter Design

Please consider assisting these worthwhile initiatives within the College of Engineering. If none of these interest you, check out other Month of Service opportunities!



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